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The Yokai Bar

Manala Poster

A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.



The Yokai Bar

Goddammit Jacob! Would it kill you to find a woman your own size!?

Anyway, the big blue woman is an oni, and the friendly looking racoon dog at the end is a tanuki, a type of yōkai that is really fond of teabagging people, sometimes to death. Don't believe me? :XD:

Oh Japan. Your mythical creatures are weird as hell, but so much fun to draw. :XD:

3rd August 2011


24 F
4 years ago #9155132      

ending was really GOOD :D i like it :)

4 years ago #9118720      

I'm quite disappointed with the representation of angels here. :(
Where are the Ophanim? The Cherubim? Thrones?
Jewish mythology and the more exotic bits of Christianity have some very interesting stuff.

5 years ago #9032018      

Tanuki have giant testicles mostly because actual raccoon dogs have giant balls, as seen in this (poorly) taxidermied specimen.,_Tatebayashi,_Gunma.JPG

6 years ago #8595240      

lmfao.... ahh, even rereading these is great

6 years ago #8591319      

How does it walk with it's sack on the ground like that? Now imagine if there was broken glass on the ground. OUCH! :(

6 years ago #8581774      

I just squealed...
Yeah, I have a secret love relationship with yōkai and japanese folklore and urban legends in generall. <3~

6 years ago #8466365      

One of the many reasons I love Japan, they are so special <3.

6 years ago #8302876      

Because tanuki are the most fantastic mythological animal of all time.

6 years ago #8265581      

Sometime I'll learn not to look up this stuff on google with the safe search off.... Love the look on the guy angel's face bwahahahaha!

6 years ago #8200960      

That looks like a really fun bar.

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