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Yokai Lottery

Manala Poster

A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.


Yokai Lottery

Yup, that's a real Japanese demon. It's called a shirime. They usually target samurai, but this time Nini was the lucky one. They don't hurt or chase people, they simply moon them and shows off their shimmering eye. :XD:

10th October 2011


20 F
1 year ago #9123695      

Quite the prankster we have here, it's ok Nini you have Jacob's bum.

3 years ago #8480410      

posted October tenth .3. for my birthday last year you gave me a shiny butted shirime tricking my favorite character : Nini? THANK YOU I LOVE IT :D

3 years ago #8466885      

Aww Nini! Don't worry there's always more ass out there. xD

3 years ago #8348465      

XDDDDDD poor nini, she really wanted to play with his ass.


23 F
3 years ago #8326908      

Shirime! One of the best demons ^^ "I'll be watching you, going out"

3 years ago #8326401      

Ah, here pouty face is so cute XD

3 years ago #8310174      

@goshikku me too :)

3 years ago #8307104      

nini makes me happy to be slightly chubby around my hips >w<

3 years ago #8305055      

suprize !

3 years ago #8265622      

haha I feel bad for nini, but I kinda laughed my ass (no nini you cannot have it) off.

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