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White Demon

Manala Poster

A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.



White Demon

Say hello to Jacob!

Only Peter can see Jacob, so either he is just hallucinations caused by Peter’s drug abuse, or he is real and only showing himself to Peter. You can choose which one you like the best.

Jacob is supposed to be an odd mix of Christian, Buddhist and Hindu demons because those are the religions Peter was inspired by when he created his cult.

Jacob's voice sounds like this :XD:

23rd January 2011


247 F
3 years ago #9391416      

This comic looks very awesome!

4 years ago #9097759      

I can SO imagine Jacob sounding like that!

@Mutterscrawl Peter is from another comic by Humon, Niels and Gang. He's some sort of a psycho who has started a religious cult. His hobbies include for example creeping and raping. I strongly recommend! Link to the comic is right there, on the top of the page.

4 years ago #9048089      

Fascinating, but who is "Peter" and what cult are you referring to?


21 F
5 years ago #9029926      

I have a fondness for white-haired guys especially when its fluffy or spiky in a natural way, so.......... miav :-3

5 years ago #8921330      

hehe fun

6 years ago #8559190      

How come I didn't know about this comic???

6 years ago #8432252      

Awesome! I think i'm going to like this comic. :)

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