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Three Kappa Moon

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Three Kappa Moon

Kappas love a full moon. ;)

10th November 2012

7 months ago #9183228      

a mooning moon! XD

2 years ago #8815743      



23 F
2 years ago #8604069      

Need T-shirt with this... Humon, think about it (or maybe allow to use this as a pattern... Probably it will be hard to send to Poland...)

2 years ago #8588757      

oh god, this is perfect, I think all depictions of the moon in any form of media (paintings, movies, other comics ect.) should be changed so that they just look like a big white butt. Yes, it should be done. If I were to get a single wish from a genie or something, it would be that.

2 years ago #8579399      

All of my lols are belong to this.

2 years ago #8577602      

baaawwwww... x3


21 F
2 years ago #8576914      

This needs to be a T-shirt so bad.

2 years ago #8576851      

I wounder why Kappas like butts so much.. er I don't blame em.


27 F
2 years ago #8576649      

Ahaha xD This is awesome. So sweet and cute and... not.

2 years ago #8576489      

This parody amuses me greatly indeed. :D

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