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Teenage Jacob

Manala Poster

A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.



Teenage Jacob

Here's Jacob in his awkward teenage years. He was trying to look scary to fit in with the asuras who were a rather violent and scary bunch, so he used his shape shifting abilities to try and look as demonic as he could. And while they had a pretty bad influence on him, eventually turning him into a demon, his yaksha nature was still more interested in fertility and love, and he eventually left the asuras and toned his appearance down. Looking back he just thinks he look like a complete dork.

Don't worry Jacob, it's perfectly normal for teenagers. We all go through a period where we try to look cool or scary but in hindsight just looked incredibly stupid because we had no idea what we were doing. :XD:

Nini haven't changed much though. She was just a simple country kappa who just wanted to eat babies and grab butts. She looked the same only with smaller breasts and not as "well fed". ;)

17th April 2012


19 F
4 years ago #9177705      

I love the skulls


14 F
4 years ago #9089546      

so, demons also go through awkward teenage years


16 F
6 years ago #8572462      

love the skulls darlin!*southern accent*

6 years ago #8322264      

He looks like a kappa. :O Those long fingers would be extra useful. ;)

6 years ago #8319445      

Fear my bushy eye brows!!

I think he had to be careful when he sneezes with those teeth, he could have put his own eye out. :P

6 years ago #8300741      

Those eyebrows are quite scary.

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