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Take a bow

Manala Poster

A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.



Take a bow

People keep asking what Jacob would do if someone hurt Nini. Would he even care?
Yes he would.

For those few who don't know, kappas are said to have a bowl on their head filled with water, and if they meet them you should take a deep bow for them because they will bow back and the water will spill out, making them lose their strength.

A less known part of kappa folklore is that samurai are their worst enemy, because they tend to trick or kill kappas when they see them.

26th September 2011

4 years ago #9159081      

No one messes with Jacob's girlfriend..


19 F
5 years ago #9016537      

Actually, the cranium itself is a depressed bowl.

5 years ago #8781845!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 years ago #8595257      

this!!!! was the first comic i saw! and i lovveeeddd it!! i still love it... awww

6 years ago #8568184      

Awwwh Nini!!!
She is just so adorable :D <3

6 years ago #8469184      

It feels wrong to think this adorable.... XD

6 years ago #8466879      

Just when I thought Jacob couldn't get any sexier I see this. Gosh he's a sweetie. Nini is going to have lots of fun *creepy leer*. Now to get her some panties...

6 years ago #8420483      

Sister Sweden vs Nini .....

6 years ago #8416428      

This makes Jacob even hotter. He is an attractive beast and seeing him being so caring and gentle with Nini only adds to it.


23 F
6 years ago #8326913      

I think it's better way than getting her panties back... ^^' More fun!

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