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Sweet Nothings

Manala Poster

A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.



Sweet Nothings

Oh Jacob, you romantic you. :aww:

This was made on suggestion by a friend who wanted Jacob and Nini to be all cute and cuddly. Friend was not satisfied with what she got. It is here in color to mock her. :XD:

19th August 2011

3 years ago #9410937      

True perfection. I mustn't tell a lie.

5 years ago #8891433      

omg this one is my favorite!

5 years ago #8815688      

Just wondering... Is Jacob a real mythical creature? As in, is he an actual mythical creature of real life?

5 years ago #8595250      

so cute!!! i mainly enjoy the 'sexual intercourseoff brad' part but i wonder? do jacob nd nini ever switch rolls? i see his hand on her ass nd in other comics ive seen him fondle her a little? curiosity is a killer

6 years ago #8511112      

This reminded me of nini...

6 years ago #8466768      

I cannot stop giggling and yeah sexual intercourse off Brad, don't come between the romance. :<

6 years ago #8395899      

lol! romanticness is romantic, no matter what.

6 years ago #8348463      

soo cute i love nini's face in the last panel :)

6 years ago #8265600      

That is so cute <3 and yet disgusting at the same time cuz now I know what kappas do to people >_<


27 F
6 years ago #8263700      

Ahaha, this is so perfect! :D I love these guys!

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