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Queen of Demons

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Queen of Demons

I saw this video and thought, "Jacob would so hit that. Hard" :XD:
That is the queen of demons, Rangda, from Bali.

And I came to the conclusion that Jacob is a yaksha, which is a form of Hindu nature spirit that can be both evil and romantic, depending on it's mood. They are even formed in the roots of trees, so that classification fitted Jacob perfectly.

Don't worry about Nini. The only thing about this that'll upset her is that Jacob got lost on his way to the grocery store.

6th December 2011


21 F
4 years ago #9070905      

It amazes me how you me a creepy creature...then made it so adorably cute at the end xD brilliant ^^

5 years ago #8595264      

lmfao i love jacob.


53 M
6 years ago #8567701      

I know Rangda from Graham Masterton's horror novel "Death Trance", which deals with Balinese spirits and mythology; the book is one of Masterton's far better efforts in a sea of potboilers and really generates a shiver. Somehow this personification of Rangda is absolutely "right"...

6 years ago #8479650      

I notice that Jacob lost that upside down cross on his head over time. I guess that means he's full blown Hindu now?


23 F
6 years ago #8323432      

The best tongue ever :D

6 years ago #8297751      

After having gone to Bali this is so much more awesome. I mean all the Balinese demons have tusks like that, long hair with flowers, crazy, round, unblinking eyes, long claws or nails, red/black/white clothing, and the guys always carried a huge thing of cloth like a big hankerchife.

6 years ago #8280883      

He got lost on the way to the grocery store?! XD Aw Jacob...

6 years ago #8216553      

Wow! For a personification of all that is wrong and evil in Balinese mythology Rangda is very cute. xD

Also Jacob really looks like both emotionally and physically like a Yaksha from Shin megami tensei.

and Rangda here:
LoL I realy like Shin megami tensei xD

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