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Pink just for you

Manala Poster

A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.



Pink just for you

Real men can wear pink without feeling sissified.

Another case of me just playing around with my markers. I actually wanted it to look more flat, but his skin looked too flat against the white background, so I ended up adding shadows.

Why is he in pink? I have a thing for men who's masculinity isn't that easily challenged.
Besides, he's an Indian demon, and in India pink is not considered a feminine color, nor are flowers seen as girly. It is however seen as a symbol of being in love, so maybe he is dressing up for Nini?
Though in Japan pink is a feminine color, so Nini might stop up for a second to look confused at him. :XD:

11th September 2011


6 years ago #8466868      

Anybody mocking pink look at Jacob and all his manly awesomeness and feel shame. @SuperAleksei: True that.

6 years ago #8447978      

@Humon are you a fan of Aerosmith? me too ^^

6 years ago #8434173      

Real men wear pink. Jacob is an example, as well as Donovan Deegan.

6 years ago #8416442      

Go ahead, call him a sissy to his face. I dare ya!

6 years ago #8205269      

Pink looks FABULOUS on him xD

6 years ago #8096008      

I love how you play around with the different cultural stereotypes. And yes, he totally makes pink work for him.

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