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Nini the Cute Kappa

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Nini the Cute Kappa

This is a very immature joke a friend and I came up with. To get it you'll have to know how the kappa gets hold of the soul (or shirikodama). If you don't know, look up the kappa folklore. ;)

Nini the Cute Kappa is a character I came up with not so long ago. If you type in "kappa" here on DA you'll see a ton of cute little thingies which is pretty funny when you think about what Kappas are like according to Japanese folklore. So Nini is a joke on that. She has the modern cute look, yet the not so cute...interests of her ancestors :XD:

28th July 2011


24 F
4 years ago #9155126      

Nini is the most cutest kappa ever :D than these kappas....


23 M
5 years ago #8881964      

Ah, the things people will do for a cucumber.

6 years ago #8595234      

i think i love nini so much because shes small like me... and- also- incredibly cute and green (im not green but it looks good on her) c:

6 years ago #8591317      


So she just fingered him? O.o
Well that was interesting to know.

6 years ago #8581762      

As someone who has an intensive love for the japanese folklore, I love this comic already :D

6 years ago #8466821      

So... Is Jacob kinda bi because he loves Nini sexually but also like getting fisted up the ass? Just wondering.

6 years ago #8466363      

Oh wow. I just read about Kappa Folklore... I see what you did there. Totally explains why he's so flushed.

6 years ago #8334631      

I wonder if Peter sees Nini too... The situation could be goddamn funny.

6 years ago #8301841      

For those of you who dont know, Kappa's get hold of the shirikodama, which is a gas ball located inside the anus. So when she says "massage"...

6 years ago #8297560      

Wait... *Remembers Kappa lore* Oh sweet mother of mercy!? O[]o That does NOT count as a massage! I thought this had something to do with Kappas being chiropractors!

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