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My Little Kappa

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My Little Kappa

Someone once made a joke that Nini and her friends look like "My Little Kappa" so I gave it a try. :XD:

And before you ask, no, I don't watch the show. I tried but it just isn't my thing.

13th November 2012

2 months ago #9206176      

i wish you'd write in the 7 characters that are on the poster that we've yet to see,... (long-tongue, two-heads, fox, thing by jacobs' feet, and smoke-lady)

3 months ago #9184179      

It's been a very long time since you've done a Manala comic... Do you plan on doing more, or is this it?

4 months ago #9159919      

quite a few of us wish youd do more of this

5 months ago #9141941      

Oh... oh my....

This is much older than I was expecting.....

It would be absolutely splendiferous if you had time to make more Manala Next Door artwork!

All your other work is fantastic too, so I mean, more of everything would be pretty sweet ;)

5 months ago #9140104      

I don't suppose you could make more manala next door please. It would be very nice thank you.

5 months ago #9132627      


6 months ago #9106860      

More mandala! More mandala! And bring back Love and Tentacles!

7 months ago #9099035      

Please make more of these. I am so in fan-love with Jacob. :3


25 F
7 months ago #9079905      

Please come back to this one. I love this relationship and all the characters that have come from this

8 months ago #9067261      

I love this comic and miss it greatly. Can you please bring it back it has been a year of withdrawal. T-T

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