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Modest Demons

Manala Poster

A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.



Modest Demons

Drew this while waiting for the washing machine to finish. Jacob and Nini in traditional inspired clothes from their respective home countries. They're probably going to a demon fair or something. :XD:

A lot of people have asked what would be the best way to modestly cosplay Jacob and Nini, and I suppose this would be it. Jacob is wearing a shirt, but it's a traditional Indian see-through shirt for royals. If someone wants to be more modest they can of course make it of thicker cloth.

21st August 2011

4 years ago #9159077      

i plan on getting a bikini and decorating it with lilly pads

6 years ago #8591322      

I love Nini's Kimono. It's so cute! :D


24 M
6 years ago #8453976      

I'm not particularly well read on Indian garb, but I want to make Jacob's outfit (probably without any shirt)

The closest I can find for his pants/skirt is a Dhoti

If there's something closer, anyone please do tell.


23 F
6 years ago #8326903      

Nini's kimono... How cute furisode... Wait... Is this flower pattern, or CUCUMBER pattern? o.O

6 years ago #8319432      

Her fan has a picture of a happy butt!!

6 years ago #8303880      

really nice!!!

6 years ago #8302871      

I love that the obi makura is her turtley shell!

6 years ago #8298735      

nini is the most adorable thing every!

6 years ago #8297564      

Is that a peach on her fan, or an ass? It's hard to tell with those two little lines... >.>


27 F
6 years ago #8263695      

Now you got me thinking about making a shirt for four arms... I'd kinda wanna give it a shot. :D How hard can it be?

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