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Manala Poster

A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.




Lilith is a character from Jewish mythology. According to some Jewish texts she was Adam's first wife, created from dirt just like him. But she wouldn't let Adam control her, and wanted to control him, even going so far as insisting on being on top during sex. When god told her she had to obey Adam she ran away from Paradise and became a demon who had children with other demons. God sent three angels to get her back, but she still refused. One version says they told her to kill most of her children to stay out of Paradise, another version says the angels killed them as punishment. Either way she ended up with a lot of dead children but was allowed to be free.

She's often depicted as a super slutty demon, but a lot of feminist groups use her as their symbol, so I like to make her look like a horrifying feminazi (or a dominatrix with a strap-on, her wanting to be on top and all). Yes, I'm a feminist myself, but that doesn't mean I can't make fun of us. :XD:

The devil guy is all naked because I you look at the pictures in European churches devils are always running around naked with a massive boner.

5th February 2012


44 M
2 years ago #9450280      

Lilith is like my ex-wife: redheaded, feminist, activist, BBW with fiery temperament. And all these are the things I liked.

3 years ago #9341496      

While most of what was said about Jewish mythology is accurate I'd like to point out the the possibly gnostic work known as the Alphabet of ben Sirach is the first and only Jewish text to name Lilith as Adams first wife. The text itself though is from the 8th century and largely considered a parody or joke by most Rabbinic scholars.

5 years ago #8815732      

It's like Nini's her niece, like "Yay, my favourite niece-WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TWO RETARDS DOING HERE?"

6 years ago #8595269      

i love that nini loves lilith lol it looks like thats her favorite aunt or something


16 F
6 years ago #8572461      

yea lilith!

6 years ago #8513794      

Does any one else laugh at how his beep out thing goes for XXX to :( ?


13 F
6 years ago #8501025      

it's pretty funny how the devil laughs *oh hoho*

6 years ago #8423753      

@RavennaSong or like the majority of the world believes us to be fat and self centered

6 years ago #8389338      

this kinda makes me wonder what the 7 demon princes would be like in her comics

6 years ago #8335459      

@Normanette I think it's a stereotype related to the mustache, just like me and my mayple syrup XD

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