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JacobXNini sketches

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JacobXNini sketches

A pair of somewhat pervy sketches of Jacob and Nini with friends.

The top sketch has Ruth in it, the blue oni woman from a few comics back. I deliberately give them horribly inaccurate names, a weird trend that started with the Indian demon named...Jacob. You get the picture.

The bottom sketch is a redone version of an old Japanese painting showing a woman perving on two samurais that I found in a book once. I don't remember how they could tell, but the book said that her pose showed that she was only pretending to be shy about watching them. I know their bodies look oddly short, but that's what the original looked like.
Both Jacob and the other demon guy are based on paintings of Indian demons. I just thought the weird forehead plate thingie on the other guy was too cool to be ignored and had to use him in something. :XD:

17th September 2011


6 years ago #8466874      

I love Ruth, and this is wonderful.


23 F
6 years ago #8326906      

love, love, LOVE!

6 years ago #8324773      

What book was that?

6 years ago #8298748      

ruth scares me...

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