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Jacob, Nini and Friends

Manala Poster

A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.



Jacob, Nini and Friends

This one really took forever to make, my computer hate the file, and I'm not even done with it yet. But it was fun. I originally wanted there to be monsters from many different cultures, but I ended up only using Japanese monsters (exept for the little demon guy at the bottom who's from India, and the angels of course). Maybe next time.

It will be sold as a poster at the London Expo convention. :)

7th October 2011


23 M
4 years ago #9123702      

I really like that Tengu fellow.

4 years ago #9084294      

you should make these guys as a fully animated characters (drawn ofc) and make some animated series (prfering 25 or 30 minutes long animation).... oh and is it possible to make comics about the Finnish spirits from traditional finnish religion.... just Google "Finnish ancient gods" or "ancient gods of Finland" and you should find them or go right here:


21 F
5 years ago #8751573      

yay! you even put the Kyuubi in it :D
a faceless woman would have been awesome, too. you know, the ones that eat orphans by disguising themselves as their mothers?

6 years ago #8567574      

You should really put that Akaname in a comic, he looks fun :p

6 years ago #8315716      

@jennser - I see an oni (big blue girl), a tanuki (raccoon-looking dude), a kitsune (upper left corner), a tengu (red guy), the one with the tongue is likely an akaname, the one with the lank hair would be an onryo (vengeful ghost), the slippers beside Jacob's head would be a type of tsukumogami (couldn't give a specific name for that type offhand), a pair of hitodama (next to the tanuki), a hitotsume-kozo (one eyed kid), a nukekube (the disembodied woman's head), an enenra (the smoke woman), and a dragon (of course)... The Indian demon, and the other two disembodied heads, I've no idea.

6 years ago #8301801      

I see one of the dolls from Fatal Frame~

6 years ago #8296605      

... this makes me think of artwork for a DVD. One that I would totally buy. :-) (Also, I love the tengu!)

6 years ago #8199725      

Anybody who the names of all of these so an interested person could look them up?

6 years ago #8156280      

I recognise some of them thanks to manga movies, but can anyone tell what everybody are?

6 years ago #8096009      

This is lovely. I particularly like the scholarly-looking oni in the background.

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