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Hello hot stuff

Manala Poster

A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.



Hello hot stuff

We all know about the Chinese dragon, and how it symbolize power, strength, good luck, and the ability to control water.

But a less known fact about them is their love of old men. Most other mythical creatures in Asia prefer young women or boys, but the dragons differs from the rest by preferring elderly men.

This one is a real Casanova who knows where to find the hottest guys in town. :XD:

14th August 2011

3 years ago #9306544      

I wonder if that applies to the Chinese zodiac as well... x)

4 years ago #9107633      

Well now I know why Mushu from Mulan hung around at that old cemetery to begin with and why he stayed ;D

5 years ago #8595246      

LMFAO i just love this; your sketches are great but when you pull out all the stops for a total drawing and its funny as sexual intercourse i truely love it! loook! at their faces! lmfao, awesome... also i love the dragon; you should do more of those your really good at em

6 years ago #8466763      

That is so cute, I love it!


23 F
6 years ago #8326900      

This is awesome ^^

6 years ago #8319431      

Dun Duna Dun DUN! OHHhhhh YEEAAAA!
you know that song!
That is playing in the background of this picture!!

6 years ago #8265593      

XD I totally just imagined that guy as my dad! *giggle*

6 years ago #8087348      


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