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Happy Marriage

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A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.



Happy Marriage

LOL "Harpy Marriage" :dummy:
I went crazy with the shiny. I'm sorry.

Most of the Japanese yokai monsters are only shown to be one gender (Unlike the Nordic monsters who more often than not has big families) but for some reason especially the tengu's private life has been the source of great speculation. None of the old stories explains where tengus come from, they are always male and there are no stories of them having intercourse with human women, so it has been speculated that the tengu women look so different that they are considered a different race, or possibly that they live far away from the men.
I joined the two theories with the harpies. They are only female but are said to get pregnant "from the wind", and tengus are said to be the masters of wind.

Case solved!

13th October 2011

3 years ago #9367612      

One thing I've always noticed about this comic is the fact that the angel only seems concerned with the tengu's sexuality, rather than his happiness, and i think that's an interesting metaphor about catholicism in general

6 years ago #8513759      

haha it's it weird that this has happened to me.... I live with a friend. we're both girls... our neighbor is very VERY conservative. you do the math.... ya

6 years ago #8499270      

@cynder99 I know, right? XD

6 years ago #8496426      

wow...where do you find all this info who needs R.E lessons i have you

6 years ago #8494264      


Well, maybe not to us, but from the Harpy's View, he's got blazing red skin, arms, and an uber long nose, whereas from tengu's point of view, she's got no arms, only wings, and has very pale skin and talons for feet.

6 years ago #8298761      

wow, you put that together in ur head? (the logic i mean) ur amazing!

6 years ago #8280875      

They aren't that ugly though...Lol X)

6 years ago #8265626      


6 years ago #8186852      

Tengu (as in the kind portrayed here) are commonly said to have been warrior or buddhist monks, who had either been cursed by their peers or become to arrogant and overly confident in their skill, thus transforming into a tengu, explaining why there are only men. This is only one explanation though; others do exist.

Other types of tengu, e.g. the karasutengu, had female counterparts.

6 years ago #8162715      

Wonderful Conclusion! I love your creativity!

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