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Girls' Night

Manala Poster

A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.



Girls' Night

It's late and I should not be making comics at this hour. I just end up making dirty jokes about kappas' habit of sharing their "victims" with their friends. Honestly, kappas are horrible horrible creatures. :XD:

I colored this one on computer because I wanted the kappas to have different shades of blue/green/yellow which I can't so with my markers.

27th November 2011


23 M
4 years ago #9123685      

Long live Jacob and his accepting bum.


21 F
5 years ago #8751595      

"challenge accepted" XD
Jacob is right, it is overrated.

btw, is it jacob as in 'jeicob' or 'HAcob'?

6 years ago #8598050      

this makes me laugh everytime

6 years ago #8522979      

Nini is still the cutest kappa.

6 years ago #8466908      

Jacob, silly silly Jacob. I love his enthusiasm though that's for sure.

6 years ago #8420472      

Jacob or Finland who loves it more

6 years ago #8393945      

I'm confused, if Nini and Jacob are dating, then who is Ruth to Jacob? I always see them cuddling and stuff.

6 years ago #8319441      

I love how Nini has taken to wearing Jacobs flowers in her hair

6 years ago #8302338      

Awesome! I rely like how you make them very funny ^^

6 years ago #8301895      

He is a shape-shifter he could do it. Now if he had an echidna penis he be a boss.

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