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Girl's next best friend

Manala Poster

A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.



Girl's next best friend

I really enjoy drawing Nini's fat bottom. <3

Anyway, the sluggish looking woman is a sazae-oni, a type of creatures that belongs in the same category as the kitsune because they're animals that turn into demons when they reach a certain age. In this case it's a sea snail that has turned 30 years old. They disguise themselves as beautiful women who will sleep with any man who wants her, but then cuts off his testicles and turn them into pearls. The men can only get them back if they give her gold.
One can only assume the testicles can somehow be put back on magically seeing as the men wants them back instead of running for their lives.

When I read about the sazae-oni my first thought was "Lilith would love to high-five this girl" :XD:

Also, it gave me an opportunity to draw Nini being protective of Jacob for once. Her favorite part of him may be his backside, but she quite likes the front too. ;)

20th April 2012

4 years ago #9159040      

i'm the same as Nini when it comes to my lovers..yea my fav parts are their behindes..but dont you dare hurt their other happy parts..i bite..


28 F
5 years ago #9036153      

Shared this on my FB page. Partner's response "ow." Response in private "that comic you posted made my balls hurt."

5 years ago #8815737      


6 years ago #8595272      



16 F
6 years ago #8572473      

yea! thats how we do it!

6 years ago #8474360      


well for every guy she gets she gets back two pearls, also gold is very expensive so it might take a while to meet her price

6 years ago #8468351      

I wonder how she's got so many perls then. Wouldn't most guys buy them back?

6 years ago #8466972      

Nini's expression of horror is priceless. Shoot that whole last panel is.

6 years ago #8462586      

*the one awkward person in the back laughs*

6 years ago #8425592      

wait hes a shapeshifter
even if he looses them couldn't he just create a new pair for himself?

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