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Girl in the snow

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Girl in the snow

This is the kind of stuff Jacob was getting up to in Japan before he met Nini. He heard about how the samurai fought demons, but was not overly impressed by how some samurai behaved, and decided to teach them a lesson.

Mind you, long before this Jacob had decided to make it his mission to punish humans for their bad behavior. Though more often than not he would trick them into behaving badly just so he could punish them...

Inspired by this lovely puppet

10th August 2012

5 years ago #8917757      

@humannoid A few pages back humon shows what Jacob looks like in his regular form, even though it was as a child, it was still his true form. He just added long hair and breasts for this one.

5 years ago #8861920      

I thought Jacob could only add to his form, not subtract?


22 F
5 years ago #8837462      

I thought it was usually kitsune that trick men.

5 years ago #8815740      

@Alibear Actually, it is. He's a shapeshifter, remember?

6 years ago #8561672      

@ Taffy

That's not Jacob in the first two panels. That's a samurai who's attacking a girl in the snow, and Jacob only shows up in the last panel to beat up the samurai.

6 years ago #8526204      

Show me what you've got, hero... HAH! This comic just makes me want to stand up and cheer. It's awesome!

6 years ago #8513961      

That guy really dared approaching a lady in the snow? Samurai or not, does he not know of the yuki-onna?! I made a profile purely to ask this. Go yuki-onna!

6 years ago #8513654      

I really love these comics

6 years ago #8509738      

;seat; finally finished all the Manala's ^^ Woot! awesomness. Update? *treats?*

6 years ago #8501885      

Maybe Jacob should have let the samurai get a look at his man bits before shifting into himself. That would have been funny.

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