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Manala Poster

A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.




A kappa's favorite foods are cucumbers and human children. Luckily for that baby Jacob likes humans, so he isn't going to let her eat it. :sweat:

20th October 2011

4 years ago #9130795      

Whatever did they do with the baby? Did they keep it and raise it?

I can just imagine the schoolyard conversations.

"Yeah, my parents are kinda weird."

"So you say."

"No, really; my Mom is a kappa, and my Dad is a four-armed demon from India."

"They ~are~ weird."


23 M
4 years ago #9123690      

Lmao, that baby looks so startled and terrified, wasn't expecting the cute little lady to try and eat you huh.

4 years ago #9119538      

@angelofdeath64 which pokemon?

5 years ago #9009913      

to think they based a Pokemon on this myth

5 years ago #8972270      

aw but she looks sooooo adorable when she's nom-nom-ing !!! <3

5 years ago #8907320      

aw so cute nomnomnom

6 years ago #8555715      

agh nini is the most terrible yet adorable character kills me

6 years ago #8513762      

awww how cutie! ^.^ but Aredsturn had me thinking what would there baby look like? O.o

6 years ago #8494266      


4 armed, green, shelled shapeshifters with a thing for ass. Possibly with the little bowl on their head, or maybe not, never know.

6 years ago #8466894      

Lol Jacob. He really is a sweetie saving that baby from Nini's stomach. I will say however Nini's nom face is super adorable.

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