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Topic: What's on your mind 73 just now #9264402      

@mewmewcupake #9264390

You look great without as well ^). You probably needn't tie your self esteem to the cosmetic industry.


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 59 seconds ago #9264401      

@Bopnan i remembered that he was showing two people a trick ewith a lightbulb and they didnt believe him

Topic: Why have a cupcake when you can have a cupake. 3 minutes ago #9264400      

I don't hate LA, it's just that most people suddenly think that I live in LA when I say that I'm in California so it gets a bit annoying.

Topic: Why have a cupcake when you can have a cupake. 4 minutes ago #9264399      

Okay, here you go. There's two so far.

Dave is an outcast at school who can also be labeled as a punk based off of his appearance that contain band t-shirts, an eyebrow piercing, black clothes in general, and his hair bangs cover one eye. He also tends to frown a lot.
Dave is actually the black sheep of his family since most people in his family are into sports and likes to be with everyone while he rather be alone and read or listen to music. Although he gives the look of a punk he is actually an introvert with a calm aura. He also gets bored pretty easily.

Clary is a ghost from the 1700s when America was still colonies and forming. She came from a big family and she was left out most of the time since she was middle child. Her favourite moment in her life was when an artist chose her to be a model for one of his paintings that are in the museum in Dave's town. Clary is a cheerful girl and she likes to pick on Dave a bit, but she can be confused of what's it like in the future compared to colonial times. Sometimes she plays matchmaker for Dave and pranks his parents although it does get Dave in trouble and grounded.


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 5 minutes ago #9264398      

Ohh, okay.

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