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Topic: artist makes future fighter national avatars 1 hour ago #9745682      

Very good.

Topic: Dino Spawning In Base & Pin Codes 1 hour ago #9745676      

beep beep lettuce

Topic: Sweden and Denmark had a Twitter war in 2016 2 hours ago #9745648      

I love how Sweden was tweeting from Swe-dense (which I get is the country code, but come on).

Topic: Norwegian Minister of Justice recently left office after the 4 hours ago #9745641      

The reason for this was that, after Arbeiderpartiet denied a law that immigrants should have their passes suspended when suspected of criminal activity, she accused them of caring more for terrorists than national security. This accusation came on the day a movie about the Utøya massacre (69 kids killed by a right wing extremist on an Arbeiderpartiet summer camp) premiered, obviously making Arbeiderpartiet furious. She blatantly refused to apologize, even when the Prime Minister ordered her. When she eventually did apologize, it took several tries before she made a not backhanded apology.
She's also accused of having privately edited a speech she was supposed to give written by the Prime Minister


26 O
Topic: Ask about Russia (part 3) 5 hours ago #9745640      

****"They tout how Russians are no longer commies but a fellow Democratic nation. "

Which is incredibly ironic, considering that only *active* participant on elections was representative of Communist Party, and that he is the only of election's participants who recognized fact of massive falsifications and even literally said "Navalniy was right".

Right at the next day head of Communist Party said elections were fair. Despite day ago sitting right next to man who said they were not, when he said they were not.

Still wonder, how does it makes a regular american feel to learn that only person, among presidential candidates, that spoke against rigged elections is a "communist"? (De facto he was claiming to be socialist, and pretty much he's agrarian businessman, rather ruthless but successful.)

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