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Topic: Pokemon R/S 52 seconds ago #9228925      

@Fawley #9228906
HEATHEN!!! Best Gen is 2nd Gen.


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Topic: Who am I? #2 2 minutes ago #9228924      

Were you married?
Did you have children?
Did any of your books inspire a movie?

Topic: Welcome on board our ship! Aamu&Elcano. NSFW. IV 3 minutes ago #9228923      

@Aamurusko #9228919
*hold her from leave with a tender hug* ^^

Topic: Country Stereotypes 3 minutes ago #9228922      

Americans are dumb and think the whole world should bow to them. Western Europeans are Americans who speak funny languages but they are not THAT dumb. They are all horny people who can't keep their pants on for too long and love to go to Thailand for some hardcore debauchery during vacations.

Nordic/Scandinavians are blond people who lead a very comfortable life and ignore the rest of the world unless they are also blondes and come from Europe. Icelandic and Finns don't care about anyone at all. They all love to drink beer.

Canadians are nicer than Americans and Europeans, they only mind their own business. Australians are cool beachboys. Kiwis are peaceful people.

Koreans are all stuck-ups. Japanese are all loners. Vietnamese eat everything that moves and always wear those pointy hats. Thais are the horniest people in Asia, Filipinos are the second horniest. Chinese people are narrow-minded and naïve at the same time. Hong Kong people think they live in London or New York and love to act too "Western". Laos and Cambodians are the same people, but Laotians are more Buddha-like people. Indonesian and Malays are the same people too, they are all too multicultural. Indians all have some kind of small business.

People from Central Asia, are a mix of Chinese and Turks who speak and act very Russian-ish. Russians love to get drunk and do things their own way.

Latinos are all out-going with the exception of Argentina, Uruguay and Chile because they are all too intellectual. Brazilians want to be intellectual too, but they don't know how to.

Arabs are all religious people, and men are sexists. Non-arabic Africans are friendly and nice people but all carry deep scars for being victims of the "Western greed" in the past.


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Topic: Who am I? #2 4 minutes ago #9228921      

@AmericanButterfly #9228878
This was against the rules. You cannot guess the character in your first guess. First you must ask questions, then you can guess directly who the character is. =)

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