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Topic: To pay or not to pay! 6 minutes ago #9317140      

@Peter_Prague No, no, no. My point is "You committed fraud? You pay for it not us" I think it's pretty just.

Yep, so that's what we need to end. Not putting another assholes in power and make them rich, but stopping for once and for all this economical-cannibalistic circle.

Topic: To pay or not to pay! 9 minutes ago #9317139      

@Levinor I am no economist (thankfully) but do I understand your point correctly that "If you fraud the money, you can keep it?". Well, whatever the consequence of this or opposite action might be, it might give perfect reason to all the high-positioned criminals to laugh at world face. "We steal your money and you are ok with it".

it's shit man, it's shit. Millions of people suffer to make a few rich. No matter what happens, it always be the poor who carries out all consequences.

Topic: America-sama will have spoken! (NSFW if you want) 27 minutes ago #9317138      

@America-sama I juset to watch anime in my time... Cowboy Bebop, Trigun and Gallery Fake. Do you know it?

Topic: About gnomes, pagans, holy Jagermeister and Prague 28 minutes ago #9317137      

@Fantasyfreak heh heh, wolf is cooler than tailor :) I stick with that. So I am pretty clear what race I choose in that game!


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Topic: To pay or not to pay! 29 minutes ago #9317136      

@DMT #9316653 Of course not, but I find I didn't expressed myself well and want to clarify.

I'm conscious that a change in the collective mind as deep as I'm proposing isn't a matter of day, months or even years, is a matter of generations. The problem here is that we are in a society immediacy and if we don't see a change when we press a button is because it doesn't work. In social progression, that's very incorrect. We can make a little but significant change in our live that will be a revolution in the years to come. Of course now a days most of the people don't give a shit about the neighbors across the street, les across the world. But if we start changing the point of view I believe we can change that, I don't know when, but definitely the change 'll come.

I don't believe nationalism is needed to feel safe. Indeed we use it to feel more safe, but I think we can substitute that with bigger frontiers. I don't reject the concept of society, but the concept of closed and exclusive society.

I don't fin this true. I life in a neighborhood that is shared by many cultures. We have national cultures and international cultures, as the Moroccan, "fully integrated". I mean we coexist perfectly but we both conserve our cultural distintion and are perfectly fine with that... I don't find my culture is weaker because the diversity, is the other way arround, my culture is enriched by this diversity.

Indeed for a lot of advancements the final goal was war. But it isn't true that we need war to advance. For example the LHC don't have any military application, or now a days the space race haven't any military application. The final intention is not to win a war but pursue knowledge itself, therefore we don't need war to develop tech.

I believe here you misunderstood my idea... Of course now a days there always be a type of person who'll try to gain something from a situation like that. But in one hand I don't preach a change of society and after a change of mind, but the other way around. And in the other hand I don't want to be in a defenseless flock... We must stop the opportunistic with the enforcement of law. I don't want to party and then be retired... where do you read that? II don't want to be a economic slave all my life, I don't want to send my country army to another country because rich men want to be richer... That's nothing related to party all my life to die in a hospital bed.... You are applying a lot of preconceived thoughts that never were my ideas...

Of course this kind of change can't be forced. I don't want to force anyone because I know that it's going to fail. We need consensus not impositions. We got enough impositions, we need to talk and we need to negotiate. But first we have to speak and think by ourselves, ask ourselves questions and try to interpretate our society and our leaders.

Not, of course not, we have most than enough arbitrary rules and technocratic overlords. We need to talk and see what we ultimately everyone want for our lives.

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