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Topic: Every single US state has a larger GDP than Iceland 2 minutes ago #9489379      

Well, they all have more population than Iceland too, so there's that. ;) But yes.

Topic: The Thunders' Cave of Endless Musings 17 minutes ago #9489376      

Heh :D

I've actually met a few when I was in HK, so I don't know. Then again I grew up with white Americans who speak perfect Indonesian, to the dialect, you'd think they're locals if you only hear them speak.

There was this anecdote going around a couple of years ago, where a white guy got arrested in Hong Kong for being drunk and disorderly and was brought to court, where the judges proceeded to open the session in Cantonese. This white guy refused to look up and demanded a 'translator', basically was just being disrespectful and slightly racist. To his surprise the judge then said out loud 'STAND UP SONNY!'. Turns out the judge was a ginger-haired Scottish bloke.


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Topic: The Thunders' Cave of Endless Musings 24 minutes ago #9489374      

@LouThunders Nope. Well, I don't personally know the statistics, but perhaps 1 out of 10 white person I've met in HK can speak any Cantonese. White person + speaking Cantonese =


Topic: Despite England being famous for drinking tea, Iceland drink 30 minutes ago #9489373      

@EricTheRedAndWhite I would have assumed so, yes. But it's still completely wrong.

Ireland IS one of 4 countries that drink more tea than UK PER CAPITA. But the "fact" card talks about drinking more tea "than the whole of UK combined". That strongly shows that he's talking about total amounts. And since UK has about 65 million people, and Ireland has about 4,5 million, that would still make it completely wrong.

Topic: The Thunders' Cave of Endless Musings 34 minutes ago #9489372      

Damn, now I'm in the mood for a custard bun :D
Would've preferred a 叉烧包 myself though.

I thought it was quite common in that part of the world, white people who speak the native language fluently? I know an otherwise White Portuguese Macanese who's better in Cantonese than he is in Portuguese.

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