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Fluffy Bum

Manala Poster

A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.



Fluffy Bum

Today we think of unicorns as beautiful gentle creatures, but you'd be surprised by how violent they were in older stories. Norwegians unicorns were even believed to eat humans, and there are stories about people feeding them bears and bulls to keep from getting eaten themselves. :XD:

17th April 2012

10 months ago #9675101      

I would like to learn more about these Scandinavian unicorns, can anyone recommend any good resources

3 years ago #9410938      

Holy crap. Unicorns are really freaking awesome.

3 years ago #9404656      

Made me think of those stories about unicorns slaughtering elephants.

3 years ago #9341497      

Reminds me of how we look at kitsunes in the modern age.


22 M
4 years ago #9290305      

@Ienkoron Sexy sexy fish horse... ;)


37 M
4 years ago #9129654      

Damn now I got the Weebl song in my head...


23 M
4 years ago #9123659      

Such a cunning unicorn it is.

5 years ago #8919836      

whats the bat about

5 years ago #8918771      

It's fun to watch shows like MLP and then think about what it'd be like if they kept the traditional concepts of stuff like this.

5 years ago #8874727      

My favourite Jacob's quote so far xDDD

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