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Flowers for a kappa

fullview 977x800

Manala Poster

A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.



Flowers for a kappa

Got myself some new markers (kinda like copic, but not the real deal)! I had absoloutly no idea what I was doing while making this, and some things turned out a bit odd, but overall I'm very happy with it for a first try.

I just knew I had to draw something with Nini because one of the markers is perfect for her skin, so here's Jacob making some flower petals for her. :D

7th September 2011

6 years ago #8649446      

I love how cute and chubby Nini is!

6 years ago #8583810      

what kind of markers were they?

6 years ago #8447981      

this is honestly my favorite picture of Nini and Jacob

6 years ago #8301790      

I just know there's gonna be a dirty picture with those cucumbers she loves. Something involving Jacob, but maybe it's just my dirty imagination :XD:

6 years ago #8096007      

She looks so happy!

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