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Demon Swim

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Manala Poster

A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.



Demon Swim

Yet another fake screenshot.

A fun cartoon for the whole family! Take your kids to this fun filled ride into the world of demons, and follow our two heroes as their one night stand blossom into so much more! :D

Fun fact: The pink flowers are Jacob's doing. He can materialize them because he is actually a nature spirit from India that was raised by asuras, and they had such a bad influence on him that he is now classified as a demon. So while materializing flower petals seem very out of character for him, it's actually more true to his nature than anything else he does.

10th August 2011


24 F
4 years ago #9155134      

song match really well with this picture and i want to see more as movie ^_^ love comedy


15 M
5 years ago #8815773      

Nature spirit from India? We have nature spirits?!

6 years ago #8307096      

it really should be a movie this is an amazing fake screenshot!

6 years ago #8265590      

Now I really wanna see it as a movie :( ps, sorry for commenting on so many comics lol

6 years ago #8088762      

Hey, Humon, there seems to be a problem with the site. The RSS showed all these comics but I think some of them are old ones, and images are blank but don't 404.

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