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Demon Children

Manala Poster

A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.



Demon Children

People keep asking what Jacob and Nini looked like as children.

That is also Jacob's true form, though with more adult proportions now that he's older. He can only add to this form, but not take from it.
He puts on a more demonic look with horns and what not because the asuras that raised him taught him it's best to be feared and to intimidate other demons. He's still very very strong through, so people are right to fear him. The demonic look is really just to avoid being challenged constantly and because it fits his personality better. Call it a fashion choice if you like.

24th August 2011


25 F
5 years ago #8979520      

OMG! So super cute x3

5 years ago #8907337      

aw wittle nini

6 years ago #8578564      

So Cute o3o

6 years ago #8466859      

Aw, so cute especially Nini. :3

7 years ago #8087355      

it's been fixed ^.^

7 years ago #8086524      

I can't see the picture on any of them. =/

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