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Wrong answer? Wrong question! 3 minutes ago #9638008      

So...that's a no to the three way?


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Break the bars 6 minutes ago #9638007      

This comic makes a good point, America should spend less on its military and prisons. So instead of trying to protect our allies we should focus on America first. Spend the money that would spend to protect our European allies on a large welfare system. Sweden switched over from a military empire to a welfare state in the 19th century. Maybe it is time for America to follow its lead. Make the European countries solve their own military problems.

Though I doubt many Europeans would be happy if America stopped protecting them.

Zombie Zoo 17 minutes ago #9638006      

@Sting_Bling1 how does springbok taste like?


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Topic: Ask Anything about Canada 2 20 minutes ago #9638005      

@MeddlingAmerican Yes


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Topic: The Duolingo Thread 29 minutes ago #9638004      

@Ptarmigeon Whicb seven languages did you pick anyways? And on which levels/stages are you?
What is your (highest) streak?


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Topic: The Duolingo Thread 34 minutes ago #9638003      

@hejsanhoppsan Irish is almost equally weird, except that you don't pronounce half the letters.


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Topic: Associations 13 39 minutes ago #9638002      

Cynism is for losers

Topic: The Duolingo Thread 40 minutes ago #9638001      

I completed the basic 1 of French! :happy:

The days are drawing nearer, so I best get studying!


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Topic: Associations 13 42 minutes ago #9638000      


Turn it up to 11 44 minutes ago #9637999      

And still Americans wonder why we leave them outside cafés ...

Topic: Anyone play nationstates? if so, link your nation 46 minutes ago #9637998      

@Mindbird There you go. Glad to see a new member join.


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Topic: Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation 7 53 minutes ago #9637997      

Granted, but apart from your parents nobody watches it. And even they are not very attentive.

I wish to be better then other people.


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Topic: Associations 13 54 minutes ago #9637996      

Hope is doomed!


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Topic: One Word Only 2 55 minutes ago #9637995      


Topic: The Duolingo Thread 56 minutes ago #9637994      

Seems my school is using Duolingo for educational use, I have to change my username to my first name AND surname, but you're not knowing my surname!

Username - Spike M
Domain thingy - SpikeMLanguages

Topic: The Duolingo Thread 57 minutes ago #9637993      

@hejsanhoppsan and you must be the HejsanHoppsan who added me...

It's important to know what you like 1 hour ago #9637992      


No, I'm sorry but actually yes exactly.

My claim: "Jesus - who we know was a person who historically existed"

Your claim: "We do not know that Jesus actually existed."

The scientific community: "The vast majority of scholars who write on the subject agree that Jesus existed"

I get that you're trying to change your claim now into something more diluted, to keep the discussion alive, but your original claim was just clearly wrong.

My comparison to climate change is completely correct in the point I actually used it to make - namely that ALMOST every serious scholar today agree on the basic claim.
In the case of Jesus that yes - he did historically exist - and in the case of climate change that yes - it's real and human activity is driving a lot of it.

You bringing up completely other things like the shocking revelation that climate change "is also an ongoing atmospheric condition rather than a single individual" - doesn't change the point I made or the scientific conclusion about Jesus being a historical person.

You can debate excactly what that historical Jesus said or did all you like with anyone and be on firm scholarly footing. But you can't argue - like you originally did - that "We do not know that Jesus actually existed".
That claim is simply wrong, according to a scientific evaluation of the facts.

Mower of Grass 1 hour ago #9637991      

American expat in Denmark Thomas E. Kennedy wondered in one book about the Danish for vacuum cleaner which literally translates into "dust sucker". Swedish is the same. Wonder what other silly names other languages have.


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Topic: Anyone play nationstates? if so, link your nation 1 hour ago #9637990

@SydneyCarton I want to join the mighty Scandinavian World Comic Region in the Land of Nation States....

Topic: What's On Your Mind #131 1 hour ago #9637989      

@Iateapenguin #9637980 They did suck. And they were *glorious*

New Year 2015-2016 1 hour ago #9637988      



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It's important to know what you like 1 hour ago #9637987      

@marxman1313 God bless Texas. For been open and not afraid.

Topic: What's On Your Mind #131 1 hour ago #9637986      

Where's that "What's your country ashamed of" thread?

Topic: Associations (multilingual edition) 1 hour ago #9637985      

Et le poisson, il a eu la dyspepsie. image


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It's important to know what you like 1 hour ago #9637984      

@loona Actually is a common mistake of religious Judge other so I understand what you mean in fact I was out of religion for long while 15 years. The true mission is to save life and redeem people not to judge then but some times you had to taught then but not forceful by the counterpart choice. any how Jesus love and he want you to be part of his kingdom.

Topic: Ask Anything About Finland part 3 2 hours ago #9637983      

@lbisno1 #9637774
The opinions vary greatly.

Topic: What's On Your Mind #131 2 hours ago #9637982      

"Answer these 200 quick fire questions and we'll tell you if you're an introvert or an extrovert!!!!!!!"

Or you could just not take the questions and realise that it's probably pretty obvious whether you're introverted or extroverted

Topic: What's On Your Mind #131 2 hours ago #9637981      

Heh, that would actually be quite a good one :D

Topic: What's On Your Mind #131 2 hours ago #9637980      

No :( apparently they sucked!


29 M
It's important to know what you like 2 hours ago #9637979      

@Horsi And Jesus want you to be part of his Kingdom.