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Thank you so much Petrov 2 minutes ago #9754852      

The US has had some close calls in that regard, too. In one particularly horrifying instance, a missile's automatic launch sequence was accidentally initiated and refused to accept abort commands. To prevent the missile from firing, an armored personnel carrier had to be parked on top of the silo to keep it from opening.

Launching money into space 4 minutes ago #9754851      

@ShirBlackspots Actually both represent the same quantity. The first one looks a like weird but strictly correct... actually to 7 significant figures.

You'd think America would love it 12 minutes ago #9754850      

Not really dinamite... it's more a gunpowder thing, quite noisy but essentially harmless. Actually, the quantity of alcohol consumed while playing is by far a more dangerous subject.

Another subject is that, like many things in my country, it has a very regional background, say, Tejo is most played in Andean regions; while known in the Caribbean or Pacific coast, it's much less played there and sports like football or baseball are pervasive.


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Topic: I accidentally reported a post 24 minutes ago #9754849      

So I have been told by many, thank you. :)


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Thank you so much Petrov 26 minutes ago #9754848      

@Rogers Exactly, Mutually assured destruction.

Topic: Who are you? I’m LavaMadness. 32 minutes ago #9754847      

@LavaMadness hi! Do you watch Britain's Got Talent, out of curiosity?

Nordic Halloween 35 minutes ago #9754846      

At first I thought Sweden was dressed as Gandalf xD

Topic: Help Me Takeover Earth! 1 hour ago #9754845      

Ha! @Mixu

Our base is bomb-repellent!

Topic: Terrible Therapist #2 [FORUM GAME] 1 hour ago #9754844      

Do something creepy :stare:

I wanna draw, but I get no inspiration...

Boys will be Boys 1 hour ago #9754843      

@Ziebenhaub_the_Texan The answer, Good sir, is secret dimensional portals in the more populated countrys pants.


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Topic: Why cant I upload an image? 1 hour ago #9754842      

I cant upload my Fanart image on my Ipad. It just does nothing when I try. Is there problem or should I be more worries?

Topic: Associations #17 2 hours ago #9754841      

oh i see :XD: well if its me then he deserves it so he should shut up and carry stuff for more and also study

Topic: Terrible Therapist #2 [FORUM GAME] 2 hours ago #9754840      

Study something or watch a movie

I am alone in my classmate's room


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Topic: Finnish Baby Boxes 2 hours ago #9754839      

Baby box is in Finland given to pair who got a baby. It contains much useful things for Taking care of baby. You can also Refuse it and take 1000 Euros instead, but its not very popular choice. When I was born my parents got one too. I dont know if its Elsewhere, but atleast in here.

Sacred Animal 2 hours ago #9754838      

@Zuperkrunch NEIN

Topic: History Talk 2 hours ago #9754837      

It is known that the World Wars were one of the bloodiest and most cruel events in history, but they were not the bloodiest or the most cruel.
The first world war left between 9/10 million dead, and the second between 50/70 million dead, but there were other events equally or more bloody:
-In the Middle Ages, during the Crusades (1095 - 1291) about 5 million people died.
- During the Mongol conquest (1162-1227) around 40 million people died, which equaled some 278 million people for our time.
- There were more deaths during the Taiping Rebellion in China (1851-1864) than in the First World War, with an estimated 20 million deaths.
-In the American genocide (conquests of America) since the arrival of Europeans at least 90 million people were massacred throughout history.
-Incalculable millillions of deaths during the Cold War (Vietnam War, Korean War, military dictatorships, etc).
-And the bloodiest event in the history of mankind as far as it is known: The rebellion of An Luschan in China (755 AD - 763 AD) caused 30 million deaths, which for its time meant the death of 15% of the world's population. Many consider it the first great war.

Among other war events, and without counting the deaths caused by slavery and poverty.


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Topic: What's on your mind #151 2 hours ago #9754836      

@dox3 Then vent! I'm not gonna stop you.


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Topic: one word 2 hours ago #9754835      


Mother's Day Card 2 hours ago #9754834      

Yea I think I figured it out. Im guessing that England is the father and France is the mother but they splitted up then America stayed with England until America got tired of England then probably moved with France because both countries were allies ever since. Yea thats my explanation to this.
And Americ a thought Sister England was his mother because he never knew

Whiners 2 hours ago #9754833      

Really? The first 4 idiot are just whiney as hell, I had seen on TV that 3 Filipino Soldiers were in the fucking middle of a battlefield and were dancing like as if it was Christmas


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Topic: What's on your mind #151 2 hours ago #9754832      



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Topic: Terrible Therapist #2 [FORUM GAME] 3 hours ago #9754831      

You can power your house for a whopping 30 seconds from your phone battery! What are you waiting for?

I'm kinda bored.

Topic: I accidentally reported a post 3 hours ago #9754830      

@Ode I'm not a mod, but it is OK, they happen all the time. The mods here are really friendly and won't mind, anyway.


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Topic: one word 3 hours ago #9754829      



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Topic: History Talk 3 hours ago #9754828      

@MeddlingAmerican Man 1: Sir? May I gather your piss?
Man 2: It is my duty and Honor to give my country my piss!


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Thank you so much Petrov 3 hours ago #9754827      

@Zuperkrunch Did you change that gif, or was there something in my food?

Topic: Terrible Therapist #2 [FORUM GAME] 4 hours ago #9754826      

Well just stack one more card on yourself. What's the harm?

The electricity just went out.

Topic: History Talk 4 hours ago #9754825      

Oh? I had heard about donating panty hose but never this. Interesting! Didn't know you could make ammunition from cooking grease.

52 4 hours ago #9754824      


51 4 hours ago #9754823      

Any reason why all i see is DO NOT WANT?