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Come closer human

Manala Poster

A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.



Come closer human

Well, I was sick and wanted to cheer myself up. Inspired by this, um...cute Indian video

Me? A butt-woman? What gave you that idea?

4th November 2011

3 years ago #9327746      

... Buns...

4 years ago #9159089      

drool drool drool drool.. i'm with ya sister...i could sink my teeth into this one any day or night


19 F

5 years ago #8696279      

Humon, I have a question: What part of this arts did you spends the mosts times detailing on? ; )

Your answer will tell us a very personal truth.

6 years ago #8490055      

*howls* Now, shake it like Channing Tatum!!

6 years ago #8470371      

Now that I think about it, I do believe Humon might have largely contributed to me being an ass-woman. My bf gets slightly annoyed that I'm constantly grabbing his nice man-butt. XD

6 years ago #8466901      

I've always been someone who can admire a nice butt and Jacob's is just that and that pink makes him even sexier. *drool*

6 years ago #8426438      

I love fangs, too! Yes, Jacob, I would love to come closer and would like to see parts.

6 years ago #8387902      

To steal A line from Liz Lemon

"I want to go to there." *Drools*

6 years ago #8258702      

Wow, I never relised how much of a butt-woman I was until I saw this picture!!!

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