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Be careful

Manala Poster

A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.



Be careful

Jacob and Nini are going to make sure the friends stay until midnight, play their poker game, and get to enjoy Jacob's naked bits no matter how much they cry.

The idea came by when I was asked if I could draw Jacob and Nini as a butler and sexy maid. But of course. ;)

5th January 2012


44 M
2 years ago #9450282      

"OK, at least I got coffee, so what's there to complain about?"

3 years ago #9395654      

Nini makes a cute butler

4 years ago #9268127      

I'm kinda surprised he didn't expect this.


23 M
4 years ago #9123673      

He can be my maid any day.

5 years ago #9001430      

I love how Jacob can turn wearing a sexy maid uniform or being gang-fisted up the ass into such aggressively masculine acts.


21 O
5 years ago #8994283      

I think this is something em and my lover would pull ;)

5 years ago #8972275      

Dawww! Nini looks soo cute with her little coffeepot and butler uniform!!


33 M
5 years ago #8824418      

And the moral is, "If a demon owes you something it's better just to let it go, because it'll never be what you want"

5 years ago #8815713      

NINI LOOKS SO AWESOME AS A BUTLER, IT JUst does not make sense.

5 years ago #8782661      


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